24 October, 2016

Happy 18th Birthday!

 Today it's Austin's 18th birthday.
 We celebrated his 18th on Saturday, 
along with Nelson's 16th!
And what could top off turning 18? 
Getting your licence, of course! 
Nelson also got his L's. So, I'll still be sitting in the passenger seat for another two years! 
Well done, Austin and Nelson.

Congratulations on your 18th birthday, Austin.
Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell, Nelson and Molly

23 October, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In

Friday night I had a bit of a blue night! It was a bit strange as I don't usually use a lot of blue.
 Made the backing for a cushion.
 Worked a little more on a Christmas project.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting us. 
You can see what others go up to here.

22 October, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday, Nelson.
Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell, Austin and Molly

19 October, 2016

Muck Up Day!

 Austin had his Muck Up day yesterday. He, along 
with 3 mates, went as the Jamaican Bob Sled Team 
from the movie, Cool Runnings.
 Austin even had his "lucky egg" just like Sanka.
 The Bob Sled!
The Team - Liam, Jake, Lachie and Austin. 
Oops! Lachie had his costume on the wrong way!
Austin loved his costume and said it was
the best $45 he's spent!
Paris went as Yoshi from Mario.

14 October, 2016

The End Of An Era!

Today is Austin's last day official at school 
after 13 years at Plenty Valley Christian College. 
This is his first day of school.
Year 12
When we took him for that first day back in 2004, 
Year 12 seemed like such a long way off! Monday the Year 12's will be doing a concert for Years 9, 10 and 11. Tuesday is a fun times starting with Muck Up Day.

Austin now continues his Heavy Vehicle (Diesel) 
Mechanic apprenticeship full time.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Austin.
We are very proud of you.