19 February, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In

These were the projects I took with me to stitch on 
our cruise. I did manage to get some stitching in 
while we were just relaxing by the pool.
 Finished my little bird by Gail Pan.
Also finished up my Splendid Sampler block "Blossoming" by Jenny Reynolds. This is the first Splendid Sampler 
block I have stitched. Bit behind aren't I! I'm going to look 
for a sweet little button for the heart.
Oh, I've just noticed a stray thread there.
 I started my second Splendid Sampler block. This one 
is "Stitch In The Garden" by Gail Pan.
I got a late start to Friday Night Sew-In and just stitched the little blue bird and started on the left flower.
Thank you to Wendy for hosting us. 
It was a lovely night of stitching along with friends. 
You can see what everyone got up to here.

16 February, 2017

Our Wonderful Cruise (Part 1)

 I've finally had a chance to post about our wonderful holiday. Cruising to New Caledonia.
 Off we sail! This is taken on our balcony. 
We were on Deck 8, the top one for staterooms.
 First stop was the Isle of Pines. How amazing is the water!
 The snorkelling was great here. Yes, I did snorkel as well!
 Heading back to the ship in the Tender.
Next stop was Lifou.
Did a tour around the island in the morning.
This is heading down the "Two Hundred Steps". Some steps were quite high and my legs knew all about it. My calves were sore for a couple of days. Walking up and down the stairs on the ship was very slow going!
 Do you know what these are?
 Vanilla beans! 
I'd never see these before, only the dried ones.
 The afternoon was spent snorkelling.
There was a change of itinerary. We were supposed to go to Mare but due to an algae problem at the beach where you snorkel, it was closed. They were hoping it would have cleared by the time we were due to go there. 

 So instead, we went to Mystery Island in Vanuatu. 
It was our favourite stop!
We were greeted by the women and children, all singing beautifully. There were also some men doing traditional dances. Those photos must be on Noel's phone.
 The market.
 We booked to go snorkelling to see turtles. 
We didn't realise they would take us out so far. 
There's the ship and the land is to the right.
 I don't know if you can see it but just in a bit at the top right hand side of the reef, you can see a bit of a gap. That's where we were snorkelling outside the reef! It was very deep there but so clear. And yes, we did see turtles! Nelson had his GoPro, so hopefully I'll be able to show you what 
we saw when he downloads the pictures.

 The final stop was Noumea. 
 Unfortunately it rained a little in the morning and we 
missed seeing the amazing view from the highest point. 
But this view wasn't too bad. 
Can you see the ship between the trees?
Enjoying some French Pastries for morning tea.

This is just a snap shot of our holiday. I've got lots more to show you but will do so over several posts.

03 February, 2017

A Very Special Birthday!

Wishing my beautiful friend Melody 
a very happy 60th birthday.
I'm sure she won't mind me telling you that!
Lots of Love,
Christine and Molly
xxx   🐾

PS. We'll catch up when I get back for tea and scones!

29 January, 2017

Feeling Excited!

Noel, Nelson and I are heading off to Sydney this morning.
We will be boarding our home for the next ten days,
the Carnival Spirit.
 We are sailing to New Caledonia and will be visting the
Isle of Pines, Mare, Lifou Isle and Noumea.

Nelson testing out the snorkels to check they don't leak!
I've packed some stitcheries, along with a few hexagons, for when I am sitting by the pool relaxing. No reading by the pool for me! That's in between doing the different activities on board and stopping off on the islands.
I may even indulge in one or more of these!

See you when we get back!

18 January, 2017

Christmas Crafting Day

Well, there are only about 49 weeks to go!
Saturday saw eight of us head to a friend's house where we all made Christmas Table Centres. Taking advantage of the after Christmas sales, lots of baubles were purchased.
We had lots of fun. 
Only one burnt finger from the hot glue gun!
This is my one.
Even though this isn't a sewing project, 
I'm going to add it to my OPAM list for 2017!
 Afternoon tea time!
 Our second project was a Hershey's Christmas Tree.
 This part was a little fiddly.
 The tree!
All that is needed is a couple of little block 
chocolates to make the tree base.
These trees were designed by 
Brenda Quintana at QBee's Quest
You can find her tutorial here.

 Well, you can never be too early for Christmas crafting!