24 March, 2018

Cricket Premiers and Friday Night Sew-In!

I'm a little late but last weekend we spent watching Mitchell and his team mates 
fight it out against the Eltham North Wanderers in the Grand Final. 
Saturday was stinking hot and Diamond Creek batted. 
They finished the day 8 for 196 runs. 
Sunday wasn't as hot but it was very windy. They played hard again 
and got the opposition all out and won by about 30 runs.
 Mitchell receiving his Premiership medal from the Captain.
Three happy MacDonald boys!
Congratulations Mitchell.
 Last night I made the bias binding for my Double Wedding Ring quilt. 
Hopefully I'll get a chance to sew it onto the quilt tomorrow.
Thank you to Wendy for hosting us last night. 
You can see who else joined in here.

16 March, 2018

Folded Stars - No Sewing Required!

A tutorial to make these folded stars came up on my Facebook 
timeline a little while ago and I decided to give them a go. 

After watching the video slowly step by step, I managed to make one. 
The second one didn't take me nearly as much time as the first one did. 
I'm sure the more you do, the quicker you get. 

Now to decide what to do with them.
I might make more and turn them into bunting.

If you would like to try making them too, you can find the tutorial here

09 March, 2018

A Vintage Finish

 A few years ago, a friend gave me this half finished doily.
I decided I would finish it.
I added the green leaves and stems.
And finished off the chain.
The finished doily. 

I'd love to know the story is behind this.
Who started stitching this? Why wasn't it finished?
Hopefully, the person won't be upset that I finished it. 
I didn't unpick any of the original stitching but left it all as it was.

I'd like to think whoever started this would be pleased 
to know it is now completed and loved.

04 March, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

Friday night I made a start on the embroidery for my pin cushion 
by Anni Downs. I continued stitching it on Saturday with a group I am in, 
the "Chit Chat Crafters". Nearly got it all done but not quite. 
Too much chit chat and eating I think!
Once this is finished, I can put the needle case and pin cushion together.
Thank you to the lovely Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what the others got up to here.

01 March, 2018

February OPAM

One finish for February. Although I have something else and 
have just realised I haven't posted about it. So looks like I've got a finish already 
for March. Will wait till it's a brighter day to take some photos.
 Bountiful Bees
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.

26 February, 2018

A Couple of Thank You's

I've been on a little winning streak!
First up, I was Wendy's (Sugarlane Designs)
Friday Night Sew-In winner for January. 
Thank you for my lovely prize, Wendy
Next up, Jodie at Ric Rac had a fun giveaway featuring 
some of her new fabric range "Bug City". 
Thank you for all my goodies, Jodie.

25 February, 2018

Saved From The Skip!

I am a member of a Facebook local Buy Swap and Sell group. 
A couple of weeks ago, an ad came up stating "Free to good home otherwise 
it was going in the skip"! Well, I couldn't let that happen, could I!
The machine doesn't have a mark on it. 
None of the gold has worn so I'm guessing it wasn't used very much. 
There's a little bit of wear on the motor.
  The cupboard has some damage on the top, the lid and door 
but that adds to the charm of it.
The man told me it used to belong to his Auntie. It has sat out on his back porch for years and now he is moving, he wanted to get rid of it. Nobody in his family wanted it. He was so pleased that I was taking it as he really didn't want to throw it in the skip.

I've done a little research and these machines were made in Germany between 1930s and 1950s. I've worked out it is a post war model but that's all I've found out so far.

So, a lucky find for me!

17 February, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In

 Last night I worked a little on my needle case. This is from Some Kind of Wonderful by Anni Downs. It's my pick up, put down project.
Thanks to Wendy at Sugarlane Designs for hosting us last night.

I'm off to NOTYQ for our Guild meeting. Hopefully, I'll get a bit more stitched!

06 February, 2018

Bountiful Bees!

 My table runner is finished.
 This is called "Bountiful Bees" by Gail Pan.
 A close-up for you.
I just did some cross-hatch quilting.
It's always nice to have a finish!

04 February, 2018

Rex Off To School and Working Interstate!

This morning Nelson took Rex to the Diamond Valley Dog Obedience Club 
to start his training. Rex waited very patiently for class to start.
He was so excited meeting lots of new friends. 
We thought his tail might fly off as he was wagging it so hard!
 Fourth week into Nelson's apprenticeship and 
he's off to Orange in NSW to work this week.
Off they go! Nelson was very excited about going interstate to work.

03 February, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

 Last night I worked on a special project. 
Once it's all finished, I'll show you what I've been stitching.
Hopefully, I won't keep you in suspense too long!
Thanks to Chez for hosting us for FNWF. 
You can see what others got up to here.

02 February, 2018

Viintage Cupboard

I wanted to share my new vintage cupboard. 
Last month Mum and I had a trip down to Bairnsdale to stay with an old family friend. "Auntie Lorraine" as she has always been to me has been a friend of Mum's since I was born. I came home with this gorgeous old cupboard and I love it!
Apparently, many years ago I told her that she was never to get rid of it and that I would like it when she was finished with it. The cupboard has now come to live with me. I couldn't remember saying that or in fact, I couldn't even remember what cupboard she was talking about. I'm so glad that Auntie Lorraine remembered I wanted it! 
It's not perfect but who cares!
There are age marks on the wallpaper but that's what makes it so special.

01 February, 2018

First OPAM Report for 2018!

 Once again, the lovely Peg and Kris are running 
One Project A Month to keep us all inspired.
This year has started off well with two finishes.
"Santa's On His Way" hoop.
"Ahoy There Me Mateys" baby quilt.

Hopefully, it won't be long and I'll have another finish.
If you'd like to join in and become an OPAMer, 
you can read about it and sign up here and here.

30 January, 2018


 Last Saturday our crafting group got together
for another day of craft and friendship.
The project this time was to paint a Mandala plate.
This is the "before" photo.
Some progress.
 Then it was time for lunch! We had a wonderful spread.
Didn't take a photo of the scones at morning tea or the dessert!
 My finished plate.
 Here are all the plates (minus one as Helen had already left).
This is the kit we used in case you would like to make one too!